Anonymous asked: You just can't, sorry.


Anonymous asked: you're beautiful

🙊 thank you

Anonymous asked: That you can't know. Head up. Goodnight girl.

Why? Goodnight

Anonymous asked: I know a lot Jackie.

Who are you?

Anonymous asked: She knows you care and still love her.

How do you know that?

I’m sick of lying and I’m sick of the questions, it’s true. I do love her. It’s been a year and I maybe I should have moved on, been happy got my life back in order. But I haven’t. And I bet you are all embarrassed for me. But I don’t care. Truth sucks. But I’d rather an embarrassed girl who’s in love and is true to herself, than a liar.


Good Vibes HERE

itsjustonesimplephrase asked: I love you 🙊

I love you too 😘😘